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Credits and Thanks

Dusty DeVore - Photography and Paternal Duties
Mariann DeVore - Promotion and Maternal Duties
Adam DeVore - Board Member, DeVore Music
Carla Paredes - DeVore Music Intern
Earl Gately - Ground Breaking Coordinator
David Schroeder - Support and Advice
Bruce Arnold - Metallurgical Deviser
Michal Shapiro - Historical Records
Tony Moreno - Mathematical Analysis
Kirk Driscoll - Rhythmical Architecture
Memo Acevedo - Domestic Study of Abroad
Rich Shemaria - Geographic Advisor
Gabriel Alegria - Entrepreneurial Advisor
David Polson - Moral Compass
Robert DeVore - Supportive Engineer
Michael Pratt - Supervisor
Dean Pratt - Consultant
Elizabeth Boleman-Herring - Expedition Leader