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Credits and Thanks

-Web Design by

-Site Artwork Adapted from Work by Marta Graciela Bressi

    “Dream in Color” Cover Artwork by Marta Graciela Bressi

    “Dream In Color” Cover design by Adam DeVore from DeVore Design

    Video by Aaron and Molly Zavitz at The Silver Screen

    Camille’s Head Shots by Janine McClintock

    “Easy To Love” Cover Design by Carolynn Storm


-Tom at Warehouse Productions for recording, mixing and mastering “Easy to Love”

-Tom at Warehouse Productions for recording vocals, mixing and mastering “Dream In Color”

-Jerry at the Studios of DeVoreMusic for recording the instrumentals on “Dream In Color”

-Carlos at Black Diamond for the use his studio space for recording “Dream In Color”

-The musicians on both albums:

    Leon Adams, Ron Cooley, Jerry DeVore, Carlos Figueroa, Stan Harper

    Christine Hitt, Darren Pettit, Steve Shininger

-Norma and Stan Schmidt